2022 SSAA NSW Muzzleloading Titles

Event Program

List of Events:Rifle Events:1       100m BPCR Benchrest2       100m Class 3 – Open Benchrest3       100m Class 3 – Open Prone4       100m Class 2 – Traditional Benchrest5       100m Class 2 – Traditional X-Sticks6       100m Class 1 – Military Benchrest7       100m Class 1 – Military Prone8       50m Open Offhand9       50m Musket Open Offhand10      50m Class 4 – Firelock Offhand11      50m Class 2 – Traditional Offhand12      50m Class 1 – Military Offhand13*     50m Class 2 – Traditional Benchrest – Ladies/Juniors Only14*     50m Class 2 – Traditional X-Sticks – Ladies/Juniors OnlyPistol Events:15      25m Caplock Revolver Offhand16      25m Caplock Pistol Offhand17      25m Firelock Pistol OffhandShotgun Events:18      Caplock ML Shotgun 25 Clays MLAIC Trap19      Firelock ML Shotgun 25 Clays MLAIC TrapCannon Events:20      25m Cannon Benchrest21      50m Cannon BenchrestCannon events will be held on Friday afternoon.Shotgun events will be held on Saturday morning.All Rifle and Pistol events will be held concurrently over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday (competitors individual event timetables will be rostered once nominations are received).

Event Nominations

Entry Fees:$6 per event$90 max. for the weekendPayments can be made in person on the weekendPre-Nominations are a must, to allow for the rostering of competitors’ matches across the three days (different events to be shot concurrently). Nominations to be received by Monday 10th October 2022.


SSAA Muzzleloading Rulebook No. 8 (available through the SSAA website)


SSAA NSW State Titles Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings.Pick of the table prizes for 1st place events and aggregates.

Event Facilities

SSAA Bathurst Shooting Complex. Rifle Range to be used for Rifle, Pistol and Cannon events, with Shotgun Range used for Shotgun events.Camping available on site, with the range open to camping from Thursday afternoon to Sunday.Toilets and water available. Limited power via small generator. No individual fires, but communal firepits available (wood provided).BBQ lunch and cold drinks available for purchase each day (please advise early to help catering).Event Contact: Shayne Barnsley   0418302062   [email protected]

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