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The SSAA welcomes letters as well as story and review contributions for potential publication in our Australian ShooterAustralian HunterAustralian Women’s Shooter, Australian & New Zealand Handgun and The Australian Junior Shooter magazines.


We encourage members to send letters and feedback to the SSAA Editor at any time via email or post.


We strongly recommend you contact the SSAA Editor via email, phone or post with your idea before you submit your story and accompanying photographs. If we are interested in reading your story, we will ask for the full and final piece. We will then notify you if your story is suitable for publication and will notify you again when it has been allocated for a specific publication.


All product reviews must be organised through the SSAA Editor prior to conducting and submitting the review. If you are interested in reviewing a particular product, you must contact the SSAA Editor first, not the distributor or manufacturer of the product. We will then contact the relevant party if it is a review we are interested in pursuing. This assists us in avoiding ‘double ups’ of the same product by more than one author and ensures that the product is one which the distributor wishes to have reviewed, as well as ensures that it is relevant and of interest to our readers.

For more information

For more information regarding submitting and publishing stories and reviews with the SSAA, please read our Contributors’ Guide. Please refer to our Terminology & Style sheet.

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