Journalists Resources & Contacts

When writing about firearms, it can be easy to get it wrong unless you are a sporting shooter or you have personal experience with the topic. As journalists know, credibility can be easily destroyed.

That’s why all journalists should do everything in their power to get their stories and facts right the first time around. It’s also easy to be swayed by emotion or sensationalism when it comes to reporting on firearms.

SSAA National has a dedicated team made up of journalists and other media professionals who have previously worked in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, including shooters and non-shooters, hunters and non-hunters.

The SSAA has published an extensive guide to assist journalists and media professionals when reporting on firearm-related issues. We also take pride in educating our members, the wider community, politicians and the media about firearms and recreational shooting activities. To do this, we communicate through a number of mediums, such as press releases to announce, share or respond to news with the print and broadcast media, as well as our range of printed publications and the SSAA National E-newsletter to communicate firearm ownership, sports shooting and recreational hunting news, views, events and special offers with our subscribing members. We also have a SSAA National Facebook page and a SSAA TV YouTube channel.

Media inquiries

SSAA National welcomes and encourages media enquiries, but sometimes firearm or shooting related enquiries are specific to a state or territory. In this instance, we encourage you to contact your state media contact. For federal political matters or national issues, please contact our Media Officer. For hunting, conservation or wildlife management issues, please contact our Wildlife Programs Manager.

Media packs

SSAA National can provide complimentary media packs containing information about the shooting sports, hunting activities and the SSAA to interested journalists, editors or media professionals. For more information, please contact our Media Officer. We may also be able to assist you with images for your articles upon request.