Work ongoing to solve firearms transportation problem

In response to the refusal by several freight companies to transport firearms and ammunition without any discernable reason, SSAA National along with the firearms industry has been working to secure a long-term guarantee from other providers in this area. Freight company TNT, which was bought out by US-owned FedEx in recent years, announced with little warning and no consultation it would stop servicing the multi-billion-dollar firearms industry in Australia in July.

Our recreational shooters, the wider firearms industry, farming groups and veterinary associations have essentially been abandoned in their legitimate need to access these items. Nationals Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie, has aided our efforts by instigating an industry meeting with Australia Post Acting Chief Executive Officer Rodney Boys.

Senator McKenzie is a staunch supporter of firearms ownership in Australia and is to be congratulated for her assistance in this matter. Meetings with SSAA National, relevant industry groups and senior Australia Post staff are continuing to ensure there are options for firearms and ammunition transport into the future and we’ll report back to members when more information becomes available.

In brighter news, Australia’s Paralympic shooting team shared the limelight on the world stage this past month in Tokyo. While Western Australia’s Anton Zappelli and Queensland’s Natalie Smith and Chris Pitt put in valiant efforts, they fell short of making the finals for their events. International coverage of our sport is fantastic for all involved, especially as viewers can see people of all abilities competing on an even playing field. SSAA’s own para Trap shooter and flagship ambassador Scottie Brydon is always keen to share the message that target shooting caters to participants of all ages and abilities.

Rolling lockdowns continue to impact much of our country as authorities attempt to control rising COVID-19 case numbers. The SSAA and its state members, ranges and clubs are with you in spirit and we encourage those who can to have the vaccination. For those with genuine health concerns or queries around their vaccination options, please speak to your doctor and make an informed decision. Our path to unlocking the gates to our ranges appears to be resting on vaccination rates and we all want to be back on the firing line as soon as possible.

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