Scottie’s tenure extended as SSAA ambassador

The SSAA is proud to announce the re-engagement of Para Trap shooter Scottie Brydon as its flagship ambassador for a further two years. Scottie, 34, has been with us in this capacity for the past two years and says he’s delighted to extend his role.

He’s fiercely committed to Trap shooting and his accomplishments at competitions around the globe have seen him rise to his current rating as number two in the world rankings as well as topping the Commonwealth ladder. Among the highlights have been snaring top spot in the Para Trap Shoots World Championships in Lonato, Italy in 2018, that after a record-breaking performance at the Para World Cup in Chateauroux, France.

“It’s really pleasing to continue my relationship with the SSAA,” said Scottie. “It’s great to be able to focus on what I can do to keep promoting the sport. When I do well in competitions I always try to promote the work of the SSAA. I’m trying to push for more disabled shooters to come into the sport as there’s no limit to who can do it.”

Scottie’s eligible for the PT1 event, Class SG-S which caters for athletes with poor balance and/or trunk stability, manoeuvring from a wheelchair in a standard seated space. Athletes have an impairment in the lower limb(s) but no functional limitation in the upper body.

Scottie’s pathway to success began in his home town of Cobar, NSW before he made the switch to living in Canberra to be closer to competitions and training facilities. “I usually train between three to five days a week,” he said and his exploits have underlined his qualities of tenacity, self-challenge and extending his skills resources. He knows no barriers and has previously stated: “If I put my mind to something then nothing will stop me.”

Scottie is thrilled to be able to continue as an inspiration to others while cementing his relationship with Australia’s leading sports shooting body. “I’ve met so many people on my travels and it’s been a joy to be involved,” he said, adding the sport of competitive shooting is such a level playing field as it embraces people of all shapes and sizes – SSAA members know it doesn’t matter whether they’re old or young, there are opportunities for everyone.

The global pandemic meant Scottie’s overseas assignments have been severely curtailed but he’s been keeping  busy on the domestic front. Earlier this year he tasted success in the Victorian State Championships at Yarra Valley Clay Target Club and recently competed in the Open category at the NSW Championships at Lake Macquarie but didn’t do as well as he’d hoped. “You have ups and downs, you can’t expect 100 per cent all the time but that’s one of the things I love about this sport.”

The pinnacle for Scottie would be to represent Australia at a Paralympic Games. The International Paralympic Committee have long been working with the International Shooting Sport Federation on the classifications to potentially make the shotgun division a Paralympic sport but Scottie says the number of countries needed to sign up to reach that status would take at least another seven years. But that’s what dreams are made of and Scottie is proud to fly the SSAA banner along the way.

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