SSAA condemns FedEx-TNT firearm transport rejection

We are very disappointed that FedEx-TNT has chosen to rule out working with one of the largest industries in Australia without consultation. The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) prides itself on working with various levels of government and business to protect firearm owners’ interests and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

Firearms and firearms-related products are perfectly safe when packaged appropriately for transport. These items are no more dangerous than transporting a shipment of cricket bats or hockey sticks.

High risk items such as LPG and other fuels are widely transported without issue when the proper safety procedures are in place. The risk of transporting firearms and other related products is minimal in comparison.

The international takeover of TNT by US-based FedEx in recent years is concerning, when it is followed by a decision like this being made with little regard for the Australian landscape. There appears to be some sort of ideological reasoning behind this decision by FedEx-TNT that they believe outweighs losing business in a sector worth several billion dollars annually. Additionally, it is interesting to note that the US arm of FedEx continues to transport firearms and other related products.

We look forward to working with transportation companies that choose not to discriminate against our chosen sport and pastime.

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