WA Police Commissioner responds to buyback questioning

An update from Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia Western Australia (SSAA WA)

SSAA WA have now been informed in writing by the WA Police Commissioner Col Blanch that the government’s recent unjustified specific calibre firearm seizure and payment process is relying on old purchase evidence or dated valuations to determine the compensation to be paid without transparency.
In Mr Blanch’s response he said:
“Upon receipt of the firearm and required documentation an inspection of each firearm and an assessment of the valuation will be undertaken. This assessment will include the purchase invoice detail or dated valuation provided by the owner when surrendering the firearm. The valuation will be assessed against firearm condition, current market valuations for identical firearms, and where necessary advice from industry representatives.”

Mr Blanch’s reply, whilst appreciated, does little to address points raised in our previous correspondence for any tangible ‘public safety outcomes’ or ‘justification’ on the course of action taken by the government. SSAA WA will continue to challenge the motives as we race the clock to July 1.
SSAA WA has recently fought alongside the WA Arms & Armour Society to successfully retain the lawful ownership of the small number .55 Boys rifles from these draconian measures.
The WA Government is blatantly disrespecting law-abiding licensed firearm owners by forcing them to hand in their licensed material belongings, whilst in the middle of some apparent ‘consultation’ process. The statements made by the WA Police Minister that “these firearms and ammunition are a threat to public safety and WA Police” is complete nonsense.
The correspondence to firearm owners that we have seen, only outlines that firearms and ammunition are to be handed over to WA Police and only firearms will be compensated. We have not been provided with information as to how and who is making the valuations at WA Police, but will continue to demand answers.

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