SSAA WA pushing for justification from Govt

The buyback and banning of 248 firearms in Western Australia is unacceptable and Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia WA (SSAA WA) is pushing for justification from the state government.

In a letter sent to Minister for Police Paul Papalia, Premier Mark McGowan and Police Commissioner Col Blanch, a challenge has been made against the course of action taken by the government. SSAA WA has also opened a line of questioning for more information around the valuation process for the buyback.

As work continues to represent members at an Association level, SSAA WA members are encouraged to participate in our letter writing campaign, to give local members an indication of how their electorate is being affected by this latest attack on law-abiding licensed firearm owners in WA.

Please encourage friends, family and other target shooters and recreational hunters to join our chorus. The issue at hand here is the McGowan Government and Minister Papalia can act virtually without consequence as it has a clear majority in both houses and while there is no election looming, our elected members need to be reminded of who they’re representing.

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