SSAA seeks freight future-proofing from Australia Post meetings

SSAA National along with the wider firearms industry has been working to secure a long-term guarantee for firearms and ammunition transport. This follows a decision by freight company TNT to stop servicing the multi-billion-dollar firearms industry in Australia in July. Our recreational shooters, the wider firearms industry, farming groups and veterinary associations have essentially been abandoned in their legitimate need to access these items.

Nationals Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie has aided our efforts by instigating an industry meeting with Australia Post Acting Chief Executive Officer Rodney Boys. Senator McKenzie is a staunch supporter of firearms ownership in Australia and is to be congratulated for her assistance in this matter. Meetings with SSAA National, relevant industry groups and senior Australia Post staff are continuing to ensure there are options for firearms and ammunition transport into the future. We’ll report back to members when more information is available.

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