Queensland pig-dog use subject of RSPCA criticism during Act review

Rachael Oxborrow

Fears the RSPCA is using a review of Queensland’s Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (ACPA) to push its agenda against recreational hunting are mounting

According to media reports, steel traps, pig dogs, 1080 poison and livestock farming practices are at the centre of the debate as the public is encouraged to give feedback on the proposed changes.

RSPCA Queensland Chief inspector Daniel Young told the Queensland Times the review was welcomed as he believed the legislation was out of date.

“It’s been 20 years since the Act was introduced and we believe there are a number of areas where it could be improved, leading to better animal welfare outcomes all round,” he said.

Queensland MP Shane Knuth questioned the connection between the RSPCA and a recent court case had the Queensland Government over-reaching in response.

“The RSPCA has long campaigned against recreational pig dog hunting and I have grave concerns they are using this review as a mask to again push this agenda,” Mr Knuth said.

“If the state government decides to use this review to crack down on recreational pig hunting in regional Queensland, they will have a revolt on their hands and entire regional communities will be in uproar.

“Recreational pig hunters are the last line of defence against an explosion in feral pig numbers, which would see widespread destruction of our farming industry and native flora and fauna. The state government should thank recreational pig hunters for controlling feral pigs in their own time and expense, rather than even considering changing the Act to penalise this valuable community service.”

The RSPCA opposes “hunting of any animal for sport as it causes unnecessary injury, pain, suffering, distress or death”.  This viewpoint has been the subject of criticism in Australia in recent years as a shift to animal activism has been observed within a group which claims to be an animal welfare advocacy group.  This includes:

RSPCA Western Australia being the subject of a Select Committee Inquiry into its operations

RSPCA South Australia chief executive labelling duck hunters as “sadistic” and needing psychiatric evaluation

Victorian Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie writing to the Queen to request the Royal seal be withdrawn from the organisation because of its stance against hunting and in turn, rural communities.

RSPCA Victoria being the subject of an inquiry into its operations

– SSAA President Bob Green appealing to the Queen (Link to come) to remove the Royal seal from the RSPCA

To have your say on the Queensland Government’s Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 review head to daf.engagementhub.com.au/animal-welfare. Feedback closes May 21.

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