RSPCA hits new low as anti-hunting agenda becomes clear

The anti-hunting vitriol spread by various RSPCA branches across the country has reached a new low and confirms the disappointing move by the once-respected animal welfare group to full-fledged animal liberationists pushing a new anti-hunting agenda.

Recent despicable and factually incorrect comments to the local media by Tim Vasudeva, the CEO of the South Australian RSPCA chapter, in which he labelled duck hunters as “sadistic” and said they “should be in hospital somewhere having a psychiatric evaluation”, have been challenged by the Conservation & Hunting Alliance of South Australia (CHASA). CHASA, with the support of SSAA South Australia, has written to the RSPCA board stating the facts on duck hunting and rightfully points out that the insulting comments call the credibility of the RSPCA into question.

The RSPCA’s shift to an animal rights extremist group has real implications across the nation for the organisation, with a current inquiry into the RSPCA Western Australia division currently underway. The SSAA will continue to support other likeminded groups in our united quest against such misinformation and vicious attacks on legitimate hunting activities spread by a group with a clear anti-hunting agenda.

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