Junior Shooters

Shooting is one of the few sports that encourages and caters for the participation of the young and old, males and females, able-bodied and disabled. The SSAA and sports shooting overall is a family-orientated pastime and the whole family can enjoy a newfound group of friends, as well as many challenges, once the involvement begins.

We offer SSAA junior memberships for those aged up to 18 years. The discounted membership rate makes it a perfect opportunity for young people to experience a new hobby or to further develop their recreational interests.

If you’re a family member or friend of a young person interested in the shooting sports, consider supporting them by way of a sponsored junior membership and encourage them to be the best sportsperson they can be. Remember to tick the ‘Sponsored’ option and enter your SSAA membership number as the sponsorer.

If you’re already a SSAA junior shooter or hunter, thank you for being an important member of the SSAA and the future of our sport.

Junior events and programs

Most SSAA shooting disciplines include events or components specifically for junior members. There is even a dedicated Junior Sports Shooting discipline.

The SSAA state and territory branches also provide assistance and instruction in the skilful, proper and safe usage of firearms for field and target shooting activities. To learn more about the programs in your area, check out the following links or contact your local SSAA State Office.

SSAA Australian Capital Territory
SSAA Northern Territory
SSAA Queensland
SSAA South Australia
SSAA Victoria

The Junior Shooter

The Junior Shooter is a special newsletter intended for our junior members. Published twice a year, it features stories and helpful hints about target shooting and hunting, information about firearm safety and the legal requirements of shooting, as well as recipes, puzzles and competitions.

Juniors only competitions

The SSAA’s Australian Shooter and The Junior Shooter regularly include competitions for junior members to enter. There are always great prizes to be won, such as hats, torches, camping gear and much more.