Xenophon supports the status quo on firearms

Despite contacting the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) several times while compiling the 2016 Federal Election Special Edition ASJ, the SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department received no response regarding its views on our chosen recreation. However, thanks to the efforts of a keen SSAA South Australia member, we have received some official word regarding the views of the SA-based party.

“As the Nick Xenophon Team is not seeking to be an alternative government, it is important that we work with all parties to arrive at common-sense solutions,” the communication says. “For the Nick Xenophon Team it’s all about looking at issues on their merits and working out the best outcome for everyone.

“In relation to legal firearms ownership and use, while a lot of licensing is covered at the state level, Nick supports the status quo and recognises the safe ownership of firearms for those with licenses such as farmers and recreational shooters.”

The SSAA-LA reminds members that your electorate is unique and no-one knows it better than someone who lives there, so in addition to this information, we encourage you to also do your own research on where your vote goes come July 2.

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