We’re fast-approaching a magic milestone

Nadia Isa

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia is rapidly closing in on 200,000 members and in the past month our Association has welcomed 3000 new faces, demonstrating once again how sporting shooters and hunters band together during difficult times.

At 199,500 members, SSAA is rapidly growing to form a strong national community of like-minded people, National President Geoff Jones saying it’s wonderful to see the community pull together during a particularly challenging time for many. “It’s great that in difficult times (COVID-19) firearms owners are pulling together to support one another,” he said. “Clearly the SSAA’s fantastic range of services, support and representative lobbying are what firearms owners and users in Australia are looking for.”

What’s equally impressive is the massive rise in female members as the Association showcases inspiring shooters in its Women Who Shoot campaign. “We are particularly proud to see such a significant increase in female and family membership in our fun, fair, family sport,” Geoff said.

National CEO Tim Bannister was delighted to see how the Association continues to evolve. “When I joined the SSAA as Managing Editor in 1999 I was amazed we were on the cusp of almost 100,000 members,” he said. “To be nudging 200,000 members today is something we should all be proud of and it shows how the sport of shooting and hunting has grown in acceptance across the nation.

“While the SSAA is always there to defend members from biased media coverage or protect them from misguided lawmakers, the reality is Australians are taking up shooting because it’s a safe and fun activity.”

And with your support, Geoff hopes the SSAA will continue to grow and promote the licensed shooting community. “Encourage your family and friends to sign up and be a part of the awesome SSAA community,” he said.

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