WA member call out – letter writing

Act now – use our collective voice and contact your local MP

It is time to use our collective voices and contact the Western Australian Government en masse to make our viewpoints heard as our elected leaders rewrite the state’s Firearms Act.

The WA Government has launched multiple attacks to create a narrative of fear around firearms in the community and is showing no inkling that consultation is on the agenda.

Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia Western Australia (SSAA WA) representatives had been involved in policy discussions until late last year, but these communication lines appear to have been severed with no notice or warning.

Writing informed and personal letters to Members of Parliament can make a significant impact on government policy. It can add weight to our assertions made in recent media coverage that we’re a significant part of the WA community, but also that we present no threat to public safety.

SSAA WA member call to action

Please note: Be polite but firm. Mention your membership of the SSAA if you wish, but please do not use the SSAA logo on your personal correspondence. Remember that you are expressing your own views.

  • Encourage friends and family to add their voice to our cause.


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