The Nationals election statement

The Nationals recognises that responsible shooting and hunting are part of day-to-day life for many Australians, especially in regional areas. The Nationals recognises and promotes the significant contribution responsible recreational shooters and hunters make to key aspects of the Australian community, including:

Economic: Recreational tourism during any hunting season contributes significantly to regional economies. There is significant employment and economic value in the more than 400 firearms dealers, mainly small family businesses employing over 3000 Australians, together with other associated industries across Australia. Continued investment in recreational infrastructure and land access is highly important to hunting, fishing, bushwalking, horse-riding and other adventure sports.

Social: The Nationals recognises the important health and community benefits of participation in competitive shooting sports and agrees that access to sport funding and support programs should be available for all licensed shooters, particularly those in regional Australia.

Environmental: Shooting is an appropriate method of vermin and pest control and the Nationals believes such control is not only important for the viability of farmers and the economy of farming communities, but also for the responsible maintenance of public land and protection of biodiversity.

Shooting is a significant and legitimate industry and our firearms laws and regulations should be fair and applied in a way that has as little impact as possible on people using firearms for legitimate purposes.

We understand that securing the future of responsible recreational shooting and hunting requires consultation with key stakeholder groups, including importers, retailers, consumers and firearms safety advocates, to ensure regulation is evidence-based, effective and supports this legitimate recreational sport.

The Nationals will ensure the Federal Government consults at all levels with recreational shooters, hunters and the firearms industry on matters affecting the operation of business and participants in activities of interest to them.

The Nationals understands that regulations and policies affecting farmers, recreational shooters, hunters and the firearms industry should not be based on ideological dogma, but on facts established through robust and comprehensive data and research.

The Nationals is committed to reducing red tape and unnecessary regulations, policies and procedures that have a detrimental impact on shooters, hunters and the firearms industry.

The Nationals believes shooting and hunting should be undertaken in a responsible way and supports safety and education programs for shooters about safe firearms practice.

The Nationals acknowledges the contribution the firearms industry makes to the economy and wider community and reaffirms its belief in the importance of shooting and hunting for farmers and as a recreational activity for all Australians.

That is why we have worked tirelessly to support the firearms industry throughout this past term in government and will continue to into the future should we be re-elected on July 2.


Friend or foe?

The following featured ‘friends or foes’ offer just a snapshot of more than a thousand candidates across 150 electorates, so we implore you to do your own research before you head to the ballot box on July 2.

FRIEND: Senator Bridget McKenzie

Electorate: Victoria
Growing up in Victoria with the traditional rural influences of small business, sport and agriculture, Senator Bridget McKenzie believes that strong regional economies and secure regional communities are critical to the future prosperity of Australia. Recognising small business is the backbone of many regional communities, Senator McKenzie wants to ensure they have every opportunity to prosper along with giving a voice to young Australians.
Elected as a Senator for Victoria in 2010 with her official term commencing on July 1, 2011, Senator McKenzie is a strong advocate for the shooting sports and has publically demonstrated her passion for the recreation, despite copping the usual media flak. She is co-chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Shooting group and has been an outspoken, vibrant and key member of the Nationals Party.

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