The first interactive digital Australian Shooter

The October 2023 Australian Shooter is a landmark moment in the history of a magazine that has been a part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of shooters and hunters for the past 70-odd years.

This is the first edition of the Australian Shooter that has been released as both an interactive digital and print edition, marking a significant change to the way the state and territory members of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia can choose to interact with the Association.

Readers can enjoy increased connectivity with stories and advertisements, as products, videos and other links can be found throughout the publication. You can read a product review and go straight to the online store to purchase.

Of course, the printed version of the Australian Shooter remains available for all, as sometimes you just can’t go past sitting down with your favourite magazine and flicking through the pages.

Members will be able to choose the way they receive the Australian Shooter when their membership comes up for renewal from this month and if print is your choice, you’ll receive the paper version of the magazine in your mailbox at the start of every month. All members will receive the digital magazine.

We trust you’ll enjoy this new offering, no matter how you want to read the Australian Shooter, and we look forward to bringing you Australia’s most popular sports shooting and hunting magazine, now in print and interactive digital!

In recent months there has been much discussion on firearms and hunting-related topics in politics and the media, with the Western Australian Firearms Act re-write and inquiries in South Australia and Victoria into the hunting of native birds being hot topics.

It is our endless task as target shooters and hunters to talk about what we love about our sport and pastime. In WA, conversations with the media have been ongoing since earlier this year and it has been an uphill battle to get balanced, let alone positive, coverage. Recently, ongoing efforts to build relationships with some journalists have led to some great and insightful coverage of our cause and sport. It resulted in a positive television news story of SSAA WA attending agricultural field days with their mobile air rifle trailer, attracting crowds to try the fun and inclusive sport of target shooting. This is a prime example of how ‘working behind the scenes’ really works and can take months, if not years to pay off.

The key in all our efforts is to remain respectful, keep educating our friends and family and engage with our local members and any community consultation opportunities when they arise.

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