Taking our cause to people in power

SSAA’s state and territory branches have been making great strides in efforts to build relationships with political representatives recently. The new South Australian Police Minister, Joe Szakacs, visited the SSAA (SA) Para Range and was given a tour of the facilities and hands-on experience with several rifles and handguns, Association representatives happy to give Minister Szakacs insight into the various SSAA disciplines and the firearms used. In Western Australia a group from the Young Liberals wing and WA Federal Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough, were hosted at the SSAA (WA) Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club at Wanneroo Shooting Complex.

Relationship building and giving people who’ve often never handled a firearm an insight into firearms, safety and the shooting sports is a very effective way of advocating for ourselves. Whether people go away keen to join our ranks or with a well-rounded insight into what we do, a value cannot be put on how much these experiences are worth to our cause. Congratulations to everyone behind these events where SSAA National representatives were able to attend, participate and meet elected members.

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