SSAA National stresses need for security in National Firearms Register development

Discussions on how the National Firearms Register will look are progressing with the Police Ministers Council now recommending options for development to be reviewed by National Cabinet in the short term.

Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA National) Media and Politics Officer Rachael Oxborrow spoke with WIN News Canberra and highlighted the need for the system to adequately protect the details of licenced firearm owners to ensure they aren’t targeted by the criminal element.

The wider discussion with the WIN journalist covered SSAA National’s position on the National Firearms Register initiative, which was also featured in the official response to the National Firearms Register Public Consultation Paper from the Attorney-General’s Department. This included that any new legislation concerning firearms needs to focus on public safety benefits and prevent the occurrence of unintended consequences from policy decisions affecting our community. The most recent investigations looking at the origins of firearms used in homicide and the person involved in Australia show a majority of firearms involved in crime are used by unlicensed people and are unregistered.

Watch the WIN TV news story here.

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