SSAA National Conference endorses firearms trafficking agreement

The national annual general meeting of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc. today called on all states and territories to support the Federal government's draft firearm trafficking agreement.

SSAA spokesperson Mr Gary Fleetwood, said that while there were a few minor points of concern, the majority of the government's recommendations enjoyed the Association's full support. Mr Fleetwood said “The bulk of the government's draft agreement is very sensible and if implemented, it would go some way to curtailing the illicit gun trade in Australia.”

Mr Fleetwood went on to say that the SSAA is keenly aware of the impact the criminal misuse of firearms has on legitimate gun-owners – “As an association we're calling on state and territory governments to get behind Senator Ellison's initiatives. Nobody appreciates the negative effect that the illegal gun trade has on public perceptions more than law-abiding firearm-owners and we fully support any sensible moves to stamp it out.”

Mr Fleetwood said the Association's annual conference in Coolangatta was unanimous in its support for the government's proposals which are due for consideration at a meeting of senior police representatives in May.

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