SSAA Gun Sales celebrates first anniversary

Since launching in May last year, SSAA Gun Sales has proved to be a huge hit for firearm enthusiasts in Australia. The secure and safe online marketplace was designed to be Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories trading website. During the past year SSAA Gun Sales has established itself as a busy hive of activity with a wide range of products not seen anywhere else.

As always, we endeavour to give our members the best deal possible and that’s why SSAA members receive heavily discounted listing fees. The small fee helps guarantee SSAA Gun Sales is filled with quality products and fair pricing. In a world where the commercial media has a panic attack anytime you try to buy or sell a firearm, the online platform is a great avenue for shooters. The site is safe, secure and simple to use.

While there are plenty of bargain firearms on SSAA Gun Sales, there are also some premium and unique firearms for sale. Right now, for $12,500 you could become the proud owner of an original and authentic Brown Bess Flintlock 1776 longarm, a model used in the American Revolutionary War. If you are after something more modern, a Sako TRG in .308 with 20″ barrel fitted with “the best of everything” is available for just less than $18,000. Of course, there are also a number of much more affordable secondhand firearms as well, such as the Akkar Churchill Sporter shotgun with five chokes for $680 or the almost brand new Ruger Mark III pistol for $450.

Besides firearms, there are also plenty of scopes and other accessories to choose from at great prices. If you need some help retrieving ducks next season, there are Labrador puppies currently on sale for $1600. There are also a number of books and guides for sale as well as an impressive range of knives. Or, if you have $3 million, you could be the owner of the Hoverflight 30 Wing hovercraft.

SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister says SSAA Gun Sales helps all sporting shooters but especially SSAA members. “SSAA Gun Sales is a safe, cheap and secure marketplace, which has thousands of registered users and has helped hundreds of buyers get a bargain and hundreds of sellers make money simply by getting rid of unwanted or unneeded items,” said Tim.

If you would like to join the thousands of other users and find your own bargain or you simply want to get rid of unwanted firearms and accessories, head to SSAA Gun Sales. Even if you just want to have a look around, signing up is free of charge and you never know what you will find.

Tips for sellers

  • Make sure you upload a clear photo of what you are trying to sell. Often, daylight is better than artificial light when photographing. Be aware of what is in the background of your photos as well.
  • Once you have listed your item, check your emails regularly. Some products sell within a few hours of being listed.
  • Honesty is the best policy when it comes to the condition of your item. By being upfront, you and the buyer will have a smoother process from start to finish.
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