SSAA fee update and the Australian Shooter goes digital

The Australian Shooter will be made available as both a digital and print publication from October, allowing SSAA’s state and territory members to choose how they engage with the Association.

All members will receive the Australian Shooter in the new digital format, but those wishing to maintain their print copy of the magazine will need to pay an additional $15 fee. This fee directly covers postage and printing costs that have increased significantly in the past three years and are forecast to continue this trend.

In deciding to make this change, the SSAA National Committee of Management was examining how members choose to interact with the Association and noted more people than ever before have been engaging with the SSAA via the website, e-newsletters, social media and YouTube. Expanding our digital offering allows us to cater to those who prefer to get their news and entertainment online via their computer, tablet or mobile device.

A basic, static online version of the Australian Shooter has been available for the best part of 10 years via the SSAA National website; however, a new advanced and interactive digital Australian Shooter will offer readers and advertisers additional benefits, connectivity and the flexibility that comes with accessing and receiving publications electronically.

It is a priority of Association, however, that we maintain the traditional hard copy of the Australian Shooter that so many of us enjoy and have done so for many decades.

Some membership types will incur a small fee increase from October that will progressively apply as membership renewals come due.

Junior memberships will remain the same at $27, with a digital and printed Australian Shooter included. Juniors are imperative to the SSAA and will receive both magazine formats. Adult memberships will increase from $95 to $100, with a digital Australian Shooter and a further $15 fee will apply to receive the print edition. Pensioner memberships will incur a $3 increase to $75, which includes a digital Australian Shooter and will cost $90 with a printed Australian Shooter option.

Membership category Fee including a digital Australian Shooter Fee with a printed Australian Shooter
Adult $100 $115
Pensioner $75 $90
Junior $27 (includes both digital and print Australian Shooter)
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