Sporting heroes to be on criminal data base

While most of our Commonwealth Games team have now returned to a very appropriate heroes’ welcome, our medal-winning shooters have arrived home from Kuala Lumpur to find that the Coalition Government plans to include them all on a new criminal database called CrimTrac.

CrimTrac, a proposed national criminal database, is a Howard Government initiative, which will include the personal details of farmers, sporting shooters, police officers, doctors, lawyers, anyone who happens to be a licensed firearm owner, along with those of rapists, murders and paedophiles.

“In a democracy, no respectable person should appear on a criminal list,” said Sporting Shooters’ Association Secretary Mr Roy Smith earlier today.

“Gun ownership is not a crime – not yet anyway”.

“The Sporting Shooters’ Association will continue its campaign against the Howard Government, its absurd gun laws and CrimTrac.”

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