Recruitment drive hits the airwaves

As we proudly march towards the historic milestone of 200,000 members, the SSAA has gone national with its latest recruitment push. Two television commercials are now airing predominately on regional 7Mate and Win channels and will be shown on a daily basis during the next few months.

The eye-catching ads have been put together by Corey Wilson, brains behind the popular Hunting the Menu TV series, and feature not only sports shooting but hunting for the table.

Spreading the message: ‘Shooting – a sport for all ages’, the commercials are bright and engaging with a mix of youth and experience.

The two free-to-air channels have been carefully selected, 7Mate a popular choice for those who enjoy the outdoors, listing among its favourite shows Outback Hunters and Life Off Road, while Win is a hit with the fishing fraternity and home to Alive and Cooking with James Resson.

The ads are now available to view here and here on the SSAA-TV website.

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