Organise your keys with Orbitkey

A stylish Australian innovation could hold the key to solving a vexing problem for gun owners and hunters. The Orbitkey is Australia’s first custom-designed key and technology organiser, ideal for shooters and outdoor enthusiasts who need to store firearms in a gun safe or lock up other vital equipment or carry their accessories.

The nifty device was developed by Melburnians Charles Ng and Rex Kuo in 2014 and enables clusters of loose keys to be placed into a neat, organised stack. With its unique organised locking system, the Orbitkey securely houses up to seven keys in any preferred order and its rattle-free key storage makes it perfect for sneaking up on your unsuspecting quarry.

Available in a variety of colours in premium cowhide leather or Active Elastomer rubber, the Orbitkey is the ideal accessory that provides an easy-to-find option for shooters’ gun safe keys. It is also scratch-free as it works to stop your keys from coming undone and to accommodate any different number of keys.

The Orbitkey is available nationwide and retails between $29.95 and $39.95. Also available from the Orbitkey company is a range of accessories, including alternative leather and rubber bands, 8GB and 32GB USBs, and a bottle opener, starting from $7.95.

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