NZ gun show denied advertising

The Taranaki Gun Show in New Zealand has claimed it was denied advertising by its local news site, the Taranaki Daily News, with the site saying it’s “no longer aloud [sic] to do any gun/firearm related advertisements at all”. The annual gun show is hosted by the Taranaki branch of the New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association and said it has been holding gun shows in Taranaki, on New Zealand’s North Island, for close to 40 years.

The gun show’s organisers said in a Facebook post they were trying to take advertising for the gun collectors’ show and were denied. The group shared the correspondence they received from the Taranaki Daily News which said its legal team had become “very strict about these sorts of ads”, adding “even gun club meeting notices are a big no at the moment”.

The historical group said it preserves history and heritage and promotes the “safe and responsible use and ownership of firearms”.

In the Facebook post, the group said the news site was being discriminatory and it was a “disgrace”.

The Council of Licensed Firearms Owners NZ said it supports gun shows which “help educate the general public in the various aspects of the safe and lawful use of firearms.”

The Taranaki Gun Show said it would be “trying other avenues” of advertising.

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