National Firearm Registry decision still pending

National Cabinet met in August and a decision on the National Firearms Register was expected to be made.

SSAA National is in regular contact with the Attorney-General’s Department on the matter and will provide an update to members as soon as it becomes available.

The Attorney-General’s Department has said the matter is currently being considered at various levels within the federal, state and territory governments.

Options for the National Firearms Register were informed by feedback provided by the firearms community and the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA National) earlier this year in an open consultation process.

The Police Ministers Council agreed to these options in early June in preparation for the National Cabinet to consider ‘mid-year’.

Talks of a National Register began in the first few months of 2023 in the wake of a series of tragic events in rural Queensland in December 2022, when an act of domestic terrorism involving unlicensed people acting illegally with firearms resulted in tragic losses of lives. The kneejerk commentary that followed these events called for firearms law reform. As details of law enforcement access to firearms licensing details came to light, the tune of the conversation changed to a perceived need for a National Firearms Register, which would allow police from all jurisdictions to access firearms licensee details with more ease than they can at present.

National Firearm Registry decision still pending

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