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Consultation commitment needed from new government: SSAA National

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA National) is calling on the political party that will form the 47th Parliament of Australia to reinstate the Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council (CFAC).

As campaigning is now well underway for the May 21 election, it is timely that the SSAA petition for the reintroduction of a formal working group of key stakeholders to provide informed advice and consultation opportunities for the new government.

SSAA National’s prior involvement with CFAC and other iterations of the advisory groups over the years has kept the interests of our recreational shooters and hunters front and centre when our lawmakers make policy decisions. This type of representation from key stakeholders makes sense for both sides of the table. For key stakeholders, such as SSAA National, we can work to prevent any unwanted and unforeseen outcomes that would be negative to what we do. For lawmakers, an advisory group ensures policy writers well-informed and have a group of knowledgeable experts available to provide guidance as required.

In the past, presence within these advisory groups has allowed SSAA National to play a key role in the update of Customs importation regulations to better allow for importing of legal spare parts for firearms. The National Firearms Agreement inadvertently blocked the importation of spare parts for some class A and B firearms that were never intended to be restricted. It is this type of situation in which the benefits of having a well-functioning CFAC comes to the fore; lawmakers and stakeholders working together to reduce red tape and ensure law-abiding firearm owners and businesses can operate effectively within regulations without adverse effects.

Once the election is finished and positions confirmed, SSAA National will continue to work with the parliament of the day representing firearm owners’ interests with a view to protecting our chosen sport and pastime from unnecessary and burdensome legislation.

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