Mark Norman – Independent candidate for Hinkler statement

Honesty Integrity Anti-corruption People-first Person

Australia has some of the most robust gun and weapons control legislation in the world. There is no evidence that the general public is at risk from people that own a firearm under this existing legislation. There is a requirement to stop  weapons from being owned or possessed by criminals, or the criminally intent. It is also necessary to protect the rights of sound-minded, law-abiding citizens to possess firearms for valid purposes. I will strive to ensure that both of these requirements are achieved and that any firearm/weapons legislation does not decrease public safety, nor violate the civil rights of law-abiding citizens.
Ensure that proper representation to any government firearms and weapons policy working and advisory groups, by all those with a valid interest in the controlling legislation.
Ensure that legislative decisions made are based only on valid research, historical evidence and statistics and not tainted or influenced by emotional fears.
Ensure that the illegal importation of weapons and weapon parts are stopped, to limit the possession of weapons by criminally intent people.

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