Lithgow Arms and Spika announce joint venture

Allan Blane in Melbourne

The Spika headquarters at Carrum Downs south-east of Melbourne was the venue for the launch of a new partnership between Spika and Lithgow Arms last week, where the latter introduced their new and improved LA102 rifle range.

More than 100 industry insiders and invited guests attended, to hear Spika Managing Director Dean Anderson get proceedings under way by announcing the joint venture between the two Australian companies. Said Dean: “Here at Spika we aim to offer Aussie shooters some of the best products and services available and our partnership with Lithgow Arms, a company with a proud history going back more than a century, is yet another step in that direction.”

Spika are the new distributors for Lithgow Arms and it fell to Lithgow Product Line Manger Chris Burton and Customer Support head Matt Jones to reveal details of three new rifle models being released to the Australian market. Said Chris: “We felt the current Lithgow Arms product line didn’t have a broad enough appeal to meet the requirements of the wider Australian shooting community.

“So to remedy this situation and immediately reinvigorate the LA102 product range, a number of minor changes have been implemented to create three uniquely different models which will appeal to a significantly wider cross-section of the Australian and international shooting community. These new models are evolved versions of the current LA102 Crossover rifle with the bulk of the changes being largely cosmetic and requiring only minor engineering effort to implement.”

Matt Jones then explained those changes and presented three new rifles – the LA102 Hunter, Outback and Varmint – outlining the improvements the company has made to each as follows.

LA102 Hunter: A lightweight hunting rifle using a 20^ lighter profile fluted barrel and existing magazine chambered in .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. The Hunter will be fitted into the current poly stock with a film-dipped camo pattern.

LA102 Outback: A Scout and Tactical truck gun, this is a midweight and compact utility rifle using an 18^ current profile barrel, 10-round AICS-style box magazine and chambered in .223 Rem, .243 Win and .308 Win. The Hunter will be fitted into a Southern Cross Small Arms TSP-X chassis stock.

LA102 Varmint: A heavyweight precision varmint rifle using a 24^ heavy profile barrel, 10-round AICS-style box magazine and chambered in .223 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win and a new calibre in the .204 Ruger. The Varmint will be fitted into a laminate stock with updated bottom metal.

Lithgow Arms are also working on a range of other features including left-handed versions, an even lighter stock for the Hunter and more calibres including .270 Win, .30/06 Springfield and Precision Rifle Cartridges.


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