Launching the new-look SSAA Online Shop

We are celebrating the launch of our new-look SSAA Online Shop by implementing free shipping all across Australia. One of the new features in the new-look SSAA Shop is the ability to view products from different angles. Instead of relying on flat images, you can now manually rotate the products to get a 360-degree view of what you are actually buying. Combine this with the detailed zoom feature and you can now see the high-quality stitching and other facets on all our products so you can rest assured you are getting a good deal.

Publications by the SSAA will also be available on the SSAA Online Shop, with titles including the Australian Hunter and Australian & New Zealand Handgun, with current and older issues also available. You can also pick up a copy of our award-winning Field to Fork cookbook, SSAA Cooks Companion and Field to Fork Select. If you are a newcomer we recommend taking a look at Hunting Australia by Al McGlashan and maybe pick up one of our SSAA Reloading Notebooks.

Beanies, belt buckles and bush kettles make up just some of the wide range of shooting and SSAA paraphernalia available. Specialised categories for camping, SSAA member favourites, specials and things for clubs/ranges allow for easy browsing, while customer reviews, which can be written on all of our products, will leave no doubt in your mind about our products’ quality.

One of our most popular categories is Badges and Pins</a>; both are ideal for showing your pride in our sport and disciplines. On the more practical side of things, we offer plenty of camping supplies, clothing as well as cleaning gear and knives. Of course, we do still have our wide range of signs and stickers, which SSAA members can’t get enough of.

Remember everything you buy comes with free shipping no matter where you are in Australia. All the profits from the SSAA Online Shop go back to the SSAA, which has been promoting the shooting sports and protecting the interests of firearm owners since 1948. It just makes sense to shop with the SSAA.

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Customer testimonials:

Sarah R from NSW – SSAA Bush Kettle:

“I bought the 1L kettle and may have to upgrade to the 3L version, it’s great. Just grab a bunch of dry twigs, light them up and you have boiling water in minutes. And the fire ring system is risk-free so you can put your fire out in seconds with your leftover water. Ingenious!”

JB from Victoria – Cobb Premier Outdoor Oven:

“Fantastic for cooking in the outdoors. Took fresh meat with us on a shoot and had one of the best meals I can remember. The carrying bag makes it easy to take with you and cleaning is never an issue.”

 Diane N – Razor Polo Shirt

“My wife bought me this shirt for my birthday and now she’s complaining that I never take it off! Perfect for shooting, as it stretches as I move, and the material helps me stay cool even on the warmest days.”

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