Katter’s Australian Party statement

The KAP in announcing the formation of the party said “we are the freedom party”. Our duty is to protect those freedoms which all Australians have enjoyed for centuries, such as shooting, hunting, camping and fishing.

Enhanced law enforcement

There needs to be an increase in proactive efforts to separate criminals from their firearms. Existing government and law enforcement mechanisms are failing hopelessly to separate dangerous lawbreakers from their firearms.

Decriminalise licence breaches on technicalities

Currently, the law says that if a person fails to renew their licence it is automatically revoked and that person is illegally in possession of a firearm – they automatically become a criminal. Decent people shouldn’t be turned into criminals on the basis of overlooking to pay licence renewal fees or other technicalities.

Sound moderators

Not only can sound moderators assist in more effective feral animal control, the sound of gunfire can irritate neighbours. A review of the usage of sound moderators must be undertaken.

Cleaning and carrying firearms in a vehicle

Laws do not protect the person who has his firearm out for cleaning purposes, nor when they are carrying a firearm in their vehicle. In both cases, under current legislation ordinary law-abiding citizens can face serious legal consequences on the basis of misunderstandings or mischievous reports, which needs addressing.

Review of appearance laws

Replica firearms or firearms which have been rendered harmless but have the appearance of being in functioning condition, should not be subject to arbitrary declarations of illegality. There should never be an arbitrary right to declare an item illegal and a person a criminal.

Semi-automatic firearms for pest and feral animal management

People, particularly those in rural areas, need access to semi-automatic firearms to better control feral animals.

Category H firearms

Any owner of a farming operation who has demonstrated responsible firearm ownership by holding a current weapons licence of Category A, B or higher should have a right to own a Category H firearm. KAP wants immediate steps taken to amend the practices of the weapons licensing divisions to ensure farmers have access to Category H firearms.

Improved permit system

Real time licensing will free up resources to crack down on illegal firearms. The current firearms licensing system requires manual processing of applications for Permits to Acquire for Category A and B firearms. This system is slow, inefficient and raises potential community safety concerns. The time currently taken to process applications may result in individuals who commit an offence making them ineligible to hold a licence not being identified.

Representation for membership organisations and those involved in the firearms trade on Government Advisory Boards

Legislation is not only meaningless but impractical and provocative unless such Boards are established including firearms end-users and the firearms industry. Otherwise these laws lead to a society where “the only people who have guns are the people in uniform”.

The retention and where possible the creation of new shooting ranges

Marksmanship is one of Australia’s oldest pastimes and should be encouraged by the maintenance of current ranges and introduction of new ones where there is the demand. We should encourage those interested in the shooting sports to revisit their past connections with shooting ranges.


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