Katter Australia Party

THE Katter Australia Party (KAP) is a fun and freedom Party, and our duty is to protect those freedoms which all Australians have enjoyed for centuries.

In the 1960s when war broke out with Indonesia, Australia had one million semi-automatic rifles and half a million SLR combat rifles. Now we only have 35,000 semi-automatics (army rifles).

In light of a real and ever-growing threat from China, it becomes imperative that teenage boys and girls are educated and taught how to handle a firearm through compulsory Army cadets at high school. This would provide them with a sense of responsibility, pride, self-confidence, and a little bit of patriotism.

This provides, along with current gun ownership, a potential three-million-man guerrilla army. Ukraine guerrilla fighters have held off the world’s second biggest army for three months.

Whilst government and law enforcement oppress and intimidate law-abiding registered gun owners, they are failing hopelessly to separate the dangerous law breakers from their firearms. For example, The Lindt Café (under investigation for accessory to murder) and Port Arthur (on numerous charges prior). In these cases, it was a failure of law enforcement to take the elementary steps to ascertain if they were in possession of a firearm, and if so, to immediately remove firearms.

People in rural areas need access to semi-automatic weapons to control feral pests like pigs, which are endangering cassowaries, turtles, and dunnarts. A farmer who’s demonstrated responsible firearm ownership by holding a category A or B licence, should have the right to own a category H firearm.

Shooters, firearm agents, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and armourers must be on government advisory boards. We are increasingly a society where the only people who have guns are those in uniforms.

KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, KAP Candidate for Dawson Ciaron Paterson, KAP Candidate for Herbert Clynton Hawks and KAP Candidate for Leichhardt Rod Jensen.

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