Hypocrisy from elite athletes in ill-informed duck hunting attack

Following the recent disappointing decision by fellow sporting groups Cricket Australia and the Richmond Football Club to sign an anti-gun petition, the SSAA-LA finds the latest stunt involving elite sportspersons equally as misguided and downright hypocritical. Notorious animal rights group Animals Australia has launched another attack on legitimate hunters with its ‘Duck shooting is not a sport’ campaign using four elite athletes who have foolishly lent their faces to the ideological hatred of providing free-range food for the table.

The hypocrisy is almost laughable. Cricketer Peter Siddle, who proudly calls himself a “plant-based athlete”, seems to have forgotten that the very sporting equipment he has become famous for using is made from animal products (a leather cricket ball), while basketballer Erin Phillips is a hunter and gatherer herself with social media showing photos of her out fishing. AFL footballer David Zaharakis’ ignorance also reigns supreme with the tool used in the AFL, a Sherrin football, made from animal products and footy boots often made from leather. Making up the flawed foursome is Sharni Layton, the netball player who represents the NSW Swifts and the Australian Diamonds.

While it is once again disappointing to see another attack on our recreation by ill-informed and ignorant fellow sportspeople who frankly should know better, it is not surprising that Animals Australia has stooped to this level. The SSAA-LA encourages our fellow hunters to counteract this cashed-up animal liberation campaign by not letting these so-called celebrities off the hook and call out their hypocrisy on social media at every opportunity.

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