Hit the road with peace of mind

Matthew Bolzon

On receiving the Du Ha Tote portable all-purpose storage device for review, I was immediately impressed by its size and strength along with its low weight and the fact it’s fitted with wheels, which makes it easy to handle either on the ground or the tray of my ute.

The Du Ha Tote comes complete with all attachments, trays and accessories including the rollout unit and all installation instructions which make it quick and easy to assemble the box-and-rail system. The box itself is of sturdy plastic construction and large enough to store three or four longarms along with numerous other items like fishing rods, clothes and tools (check your state legislation for firearm and ammunition storage).

There are three tough spring-loaded steel carry handles – one on top and one either side – which sit flush with the box as well as three locking clasps with provision for padlocks. The top storage trays sit neatly on top of the inside of the box and feature easy-to-install dividers to keep tools and components separate and easy to access.

The internal firearms holders and dividers are also a cinch to install and will hold four rifles or shotguns horizontally and safely. Importantly these holders are padded to protect gun stocks and prevent movement, a further plus point being Velcro straps which help secure firearms and other items to the holders, though my advice would be to add some padding in the form of old rags or blankets to avoid movement on rough terrain. My disassembled fishing rod also fitted nicely as I headed up the River Murray to clean up some carp I’d spotted on my previous trip.

Among the things I like are properly padded holders for firearms and useful top trays for tools and accessories; sturdy clasps which are lockable and turn the Du Ha Tote into a secure storage box; solid wheels help it slide on to your ute tray and make it easy to move around the garage or camp site; rubber seal to protect the contents in dusty or wet conditions.

The only disadvantages are it’s not a permitted firearms safe-box for long-term storage (must still be locked inside a vehicle when not in transit) and it’s not insulated so you can’t turn the Du Ha Tote into a makeshift esky.

The roll-out system is easily installed to a ute or storage drawers with either self-tapping screws or bolts if easy removal is preferred. With this installed the Du Ha is both secured to the tray, pulls out for easy access and also assists in retrieving the box from the tray even when loaded and heavy.

All up I appreciated the convenience of having a lightweight and secure firearms storage box I can use for travelling to, from and around my hunting sites while still having enough room to store clothes, tools and snacks. And I can also use it as a tool box or lockable travel storage when not transporting firearms. The Du Ha Tote is distributed in Australia by Upfitter. More at www.upfitter.com.au

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