Hall of Fame trifecta for David McCarthy

Many shooters aspire to break into the Hall of Fame for their discipline of choice, but only a select few will ever make it. Then there’s David McCarthy, who was recently inducted into his third Hall of Fame. David is a prolific target shooter who says he is always looking for his next challenge and all the discipline changes have certainly guaranteed the South Australian is not at risk of becoming bored.

The first discipline that led to David’s entry into the Hall of Fame was Lever Action, a feat he achieved while still having a passion for shooting the Muzzleloading discipline. Once the ‘boredom’ struck, he took up Field Rifle and was eventually admitted into its Hall of Fame. More recently, he rediscovered his enjoyment for Muzzleloading and took it all the way, being ushered into that Hall of Fame. To top off his ever-changing tastes, right now Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette Rifle is capturing his interest.

To be admitted into a SSAA Hall of Fame, a shooter needs to earn points at national competitions. Different placings and winning different rounds count for varying amounts of points. It takes several years for the best shooters to amass enough points to gain entry. While David might like to, he could not possibly gain access to every national discipline event every year. However, the former SSAA National Discipline Chairmen Coordinator still shoots every discipline at his local club, SSAA Para.

The nine-time Australian Lever Action Champion clearly knows his stuff and has very straightforward advice for shooters who may be starting to find their discipline a bit tedious. “Just change,” he said. “There’s no point not enjoying what you’re doing. You might discover a new passion or hidden skill you didn’t know about.”

As for going for his fourth potential Hall of Fame entry, David simply said: “Bring it on!”

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