Grycol lands prestigious Tanfoglio contract

Rod Pascoe

New South Wales-based firearms importer and distributor Grycol International has announced they’re now carrying the Tanfoglio range of handguns. Stuart Collibee, manager of sales, technical support and training, said the brand is an excellent addition to Grycol’s line-up of fine imported pistols. “We were appointed as exclusive Australian importers and distributors in July 2023 after visiting SHOT and IWA shows, following lengthy negotiation with the Italian firearms giant,” he told Australian Shooter. “We carry other well-known brands but wanted to add to the diversity of our extensive range of pistols, especially for the target shooting market in Australia.”

Grycol was established in 1967 and in 1985 was appointed exclusive distributor and service centre for Smith & Wesson revolvers and pistols in Australia. Grycol is also distributor of well-known firearms such as Pardini target pistols, another fine Italian brand specialising in the ISSF disciplines along with Pietta single-action and black powder revolvers. “Between these brands, Tanfoglio slots in nicely catering to action and practical matches such as IPSC, Steel Challenge, Action Pistol, WA1500 and Service Pistol events,” said Stuart.

“Within each of these disciplines there are many divisions or categories, each requiring a pistol or revolver meeting certain technical specifications. The 16 pistols in the Tanfoglio range are all designed and manufactured with this in mind, so for a pistol to meet Open Division specifications for example, we have a Tanfoglio model ready to shoot straight out of the box.”

The Tanfoglio company was born in 1969, specialising its production in designing and manufacturing self-loading pistols in different calibres for Defence. In 1986 they began construction of models for sports shooting, especially IPSC and IDPA competitions in their different categories. This led to global success for their products in winning the title of IPSC World and European Champion since 1998 until now.

Nowadays their products are a benchmark of excellence for fans and shooters worldwide, with Tanfoglio pistols also being the preferred choice for many police and security professionals. High quality is the result of skill, passion and continuous research and development in ongoing dynamic balance between tradition and innovation.

Among the range is the Stock 2 Optic which is the latest of the Stock 2 generation pistols. Engineers at Tanfoglio came up with a ‘plate’ system which allows removal of the traditional rear sight plate and gives the shooter the option of using the pistol in Production division with a traditional front and rear sight system, or IPSC Production Division Optics by removing the rear sight plate and fitting a miniature reflex sight to the pistol. These plates fit a number of the more popular reflex sight systems designed specifically for the IPSC Production Optics division. Available in .38 Super and 9mm Luger, the Stock 2 Optic has a 120mm polygonal barrel.

Also, some 1911-style handguns again fit specific requirements for target divisions such as Classic in IPSC and Single Stack in Steel Challenge matches. The FT1911 pistols are available in 9mm or the venerable 45ACP calibres and are ‘competition ready’ straight out the box.  Featuring a competition trigger, adjustable rear sights, ambidextrous safeties, mag well and G10-style grips, all the major desirables are already fitted to the FT1911 pistol.

While the range of centrefire pistols are all steel-framed, there’s one polymer-framed option in Grycol’s catalogue. The 22L is a competition grade, single-action .22LR handgun with fully adjustable rear sights and interchangeable custom front sight, with a distinctive black frame and red aluminium slide along with an impressive 132mm barrel.

The other thing to note is the vast range of spare parts and accessories Grycol carries to support all their brands including Tanfoglio. Additionally, aftermarket parts manufacturer Tandemkross is also distributed by Grycol, giving shooters many options to enhance their investment. The Grycol team includes a US-trained and accredited gunsmith not only to handle repairs but also perform custom work and gun-tuning. I’m particularly impressed by the variety of handguns and the versatility to be able to turn a ‘Limited’ category pistol for instance into ‘Open’ by simply changing the slide and barrel, similarly for converting ‘Production’ to ‘Limited’. Conversion kits for the Domina and Gold Custom range will be available.

Your local gun shop will help you out with pricing and ordering while looking at the Grycol and Tanfoglio websites, readers will have a better understanding of what goes into producing these fine pistols and what has made the brand so appealing to target shooters around the world.

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