Gone Hunting appointed distributor of QuickLOAD ballistics software

Gone Hunting is the newly appointed distributor for a range of ballistic calculation software in Australia. QuickLOAD is a computer modelling program that instantly calculates pressures and velocities for interior (reloading data) and external ballistics (projectile trajectory). This means you can plan ahead of time what materials you will need for your reloading and you can accurately see how loads will perform without potentially costly trial and error at the range. With the QuickLOAD software, reloaders can control variables one at a time to obtain a clearer picture of what is happening in each of their loads.

When you buy QuickLOAD, you will also receive the QuickTARGET program, which determines trajectories, wind deflection, sight corrections, downrange velocity and energy, plus a multitude of other useful outputs. This software has been shown to find accurate results for more than 1500 different cartridges, over 270 powders and 2500 bullets.

The software may look intimidating to the uninitiated at first, but plenty of target shooters and hunters alike have been able to quickly learn the program. In fact, there are numerous supporters of QuickLOAD who say they very quickly made their money back from the initial investment.

Jim Koumbarakos, managing director of Gone Hunting, said using QuickLOAD is faster than trawling for load data from other multiple sources and that the program will report case fill, pressures and velocity.

“Recently, I developed a new load for the 9.3x62mm by checking all ADI powders to be surprised how well ADI AR2219 performed for the light-for-calibre projectile. It paid for itself in half an hour of modelling,” said Jim.

QuickLOAD 3.9 is available from Gone Hunting on its Schultz & Larsen site and retails for $245 plus postage if not purchased in store. Check out the full list of stockists and dealers across Australia.

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