Firearms Guide searchable database now available as online subscription

Shooting devotees will be thrilled by the news that a ‘bible’ for information about firearms can now be accessed online. Since its inception five years ago, the annual Firearms Guide by Impressum Media had been available in DVD-Rom format, but the new sixth edition has been published online. This development means that will become the first totally researchable global database covering firearms, airguns and ammunition put together for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

The reference site allows interested parties to enjoy broad and involved research of antique and modern guns linked with up to 14 key search criteria including calibre, country, year, action type, stock type and more. Guns covered number around the 61,000 mark and ammunition is traced back to its origins among 902 manufacturers worldwide.

Guns and ammunition are vividly depicted with technical specifications, features, ballistics and up to 12 high-resolution zoomable color photographs (reaching 4000×1240). The estimable worth of each gun is calculated with professionals throughout the gun trade in mind. Another feature is the option of thousands of in-focus and printable gun schematics and parts lists for practising gunsmiths across the globe, as well as a wide variety of printable targets.

With continuing updates, is expanding virtually every day, detailing new guns, extra antique models and monitoring the values or potential purchase prices of specific ranges of firearms. The new edition is available online 24/7. There are also a variety of subscription plans laid out for all discerning followers. That could mean total access for one year covering such categories as modern and antique firearms, airguns and ammunition for $49.95. The two-year span brings a saving of $20, being tagged at $79.95. Individual category subscriptions and group subscription packages are also available.

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