Connect with your food and cook with Field to Fork –Second Helpings

Source, prepare and celebrate ethically sourced Australian game meat with the highly-anticipated Field to Fork – Second Helpings cookbook.

This new installment in the Field to Fork cooking movement encourages readers to embrace a local and sustainable approach to their food.

It follows on from the award-winning Field to Fork – The Australian Game Cookbook in guiding readers through creating nutritious and delicious meals for the table.

Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia media officer Rachael Oxborrow said maintaining a fit and active lifestyle, while respecting the importance Australia’s fauna and flora play in sustainable harvest, is key to the Field to Fork vision.

“The range of recipes in the Field to Fork sequel is an ode to the exceptional opportunities we have in Australia to live off the land,” she said. “Each and every recipe has been kitchen and dining-table tested and showcases Australia’s unique wildlife including duck, goat, kangaroo, venison and pork.”

Rachael said more and more people are seeking a personal connection with their food and taking that to a grassroots level by connecting with growers and producers.

“Recreational and conservation hunting to source meat is another aspect of knowing where your food comes from,” she said. “It also serves well for people to maintain an active lifestyle in a world where people are leading increasingly sedentary habits.”

The Field to Fork cookbook series supports the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust, a public fund created to preserve our wildlife and natural environment.

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