Chorus of law-abiding firearm user voices needed in WA

The individual voices of law-abiding firearm owners are key to the ongoing fight in Western Australia against a Labor Government set on tightening firearm regulations affecting the law-abiding to apparently “increase public safety”. The long-talked about new Firearms Act is yet to be tabled and the WA Government has already announced a “voluntary buyback” of firearms, thus illustrating their intent to only limit those following the law rather than tackling the much more complex problem of illegal firearm use and crime. The Firearms Act is expected to be tabled in WA Parliament next week.Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia Western Australia (SSAA WA) and SSAA Inc have been working under the WA Firearms Community Alliance (WAFCA) banner in conjunction with other firearms user, industry and interest groups with media campaigns and other measures in preparation for this. SSAA (WA) members are encouraged to visit the WAFCA website for advice on how they can help in the fight.

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