Buy SSAA Members Firearms Insurance

                                  Buy SSAA Members Firearms Insurance

SSAA Members Firearms Insurance is a fantastic insurance product available to new and existing members.

For just $35 per year, you will receive up to $25,000 worth of insurance cover for your firearms and fixed firearm accessories. This means that your firearms and fixed accessories will be covered at home, at the range, while hunting as well as while overseas for up to 28 days.

All privately owned firearms registered to the owner and fixed accessories are covered against accidental loss, theft or damage. This includes new, modern, antique and collectable firearms and fixed accessories such as scopes and slings. The excess is only $100 per claim and claims are settled for the replacement value of the item as assessed by an approved firearms dealer.

Compare the benefits of SSAA Members Firearms Insurance to your existing home and contents policy, which may have an excess far greater than $100 and may only cover your firearms while at home. SSAA Members Firearms Insurance will safeguard your firearms and fixed accessories.

SSAA Members Firearms Insurance can be purchased with your next SSAA membership renewal or you can add it to your existing SSAA membership right now (valid until your next membership renewal). Alternatively, you can phone the SSAA Membership Office on 02 8805 3900.

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