Bush Lore is looking for Warriors

Bush Lore Australia is about to run its legendary Warrior program – a journey for young men into themselves. If you ever wanted to find and develop the warrior within, then here is your opportunity. Warriors always feel the need to be tested, so be trained and tested by the best …Only other warriors can train warriors …that is the lore.

The Bushlore Warrior Program course is led by former SAS soldiers and teaches you wilderness survival, nature awareness and observation, navigation, survival self-defence and many other relevant subjects. But above all, it teaches you about yourself. You’ll find self-confidence, leadership skills and strengths you didn’t know you possessed. And best of all, when you return home, your new skills go with you and help you in your everyday life.

If you think you have what it takes to become a warrior, please enrol with Bush Lore Australia.


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