BoQ gun shop ‘discrimination’

Nadia Isa

Agriculture Minister and champion of the shooting sports, Bridget McKenzie, has declared her support for the firearms industry after it was revealed Bank of Queensland has been denying loans to gun shop employees.

BoQ initially claimed its policy against gun shop workers and other industries was to avoid engagement with businesses which could be linked to crime. Senator McKenzie has written to the bank’s chief executive officer, George Frazis, complaining about the policy on behalf of the firearms industry.

The Courier Mail reports BoQ is reviewing its loans policy after the complaint from Senator McKenzie, slamming the bank for its “virtue signalling”. She accused Bank of Queensland of hypocrisy as they do not discriminate against other industries such as tobacconists.

The bank says it will “ensure we are able to offer our services to employees of all legalised industries in Australia”, as part of the review process. The policy also includes other lawful industries like online gambling and adult entertainment.

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