Black Diamond shines with new headlamps

Black Diamond’s latest tweaks to its range of lighting products will provide some illuminating innovations for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Black Diamond brand is distributed in Australia by Sea to Summit and features three updated headlamps. Leading the way is the redesigned and waterproof Spot headlamp. Also sharing the limelight are the Cosmo and Gizmo variations.

The 2016 version of the Spot headlamp is now 200 lumens and IPX8 waterproof. The model is a striking example of Black Diamond’s design outlook, incorporating clean lines with purpose-built features concentrating on ease-of-use. Concise covering ensures the light will stay dry even in the foulest of weather conditions. The Spot boasts PowerTap technology, which keeps all panelled adjustments literally at the user’s fingertips. In keeping with Black Diamond’s policy, the light is durable and bright, providing the ideal lighting instrument for pre-hunt dawn explorations or adventures after darkness has set in during the evenings. The recommended retail price for the Spot is $79.95.

The 2016 Cosmo light is 160 lumens with a maximum burn time of 250 hours, when on its lowest setting. It is streamlined in design, super bright and possesses a water-resistant surface, which will prove useful for the handler busy on those outback treks. The Cosmo retails for around $64.95.

The third option is the 2016 Gizmo. This light is 90 lumens with a total burn time of 75 hours when operating at its lowest setting. The updated Gizmo is a solid, no-nonsense lamp bright enough for hunters engaged in backpacking forays. It can be kept in your pack and is the perfect tool to turn to in case of emergency. The Gizmo retails for around $44.95.

Tor Brown, Black Diamond’s Mountain Category director, was delighted with the lighting advances that his company had initiated and was particularly pleased with the new-look Spot. “Our all new Spot is the perfect high-powered go-to light,” said Tor. “We got our most popular lamp, stripped it down to its essential functions then designed a modern housing around it. We upped the ante on power and functionality.”

As well as an improved, more powerful beam, the light can be adjusted with just the touch of a finger. “It’s like having a low and high light beam in your car that you control with a simple tap of the finger,” said Tor.

He also highlighted the waterproof faculty, which enabled the beam to keep shining even when submerged in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes. And the extras are added to with a three-level power meter, which means the user does not have to guess how much battery life they have left. “The improvements have been inspired totally on consumer and athlete feedback,” added Tor. “Arguably it makes the Spot the best headlamp in its class on the market.”

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