Birthday wishes from both sides of the water

As the SSAA celebrates 70 years since our inception in April 1948, it was pleasing to be publically congratulated by our counterparts in the United States. To commemorate our notable milestone, the NRA Institute of Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) reflected on the close mateship shared with the SSAA “that stretches back decades”.

In its congratulatory message, the NRA-ILA observed that: “SSAA’s fight is our fight. That is why we congratulate SSAA on reaching this milestone and hope that there are many more to come.”

It recounted the time when the SSAA hosted the NRA President Robert Corbin in 1993. As President Corbin observed at the time, “if gun owners lose the fight in Australia, we may not be far behind.” The same is true today.

The NRA-ILA also paid tribute to the SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department, who visited our NRA counterparts in May, 2017. As the NRA-ILA rightly surmised, the SSAA-LA “works to protect Australia’s outdoor heritage and the rights of gun owners in Canberra and in Australia’s states and territories.”

The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association also contacted the SSAA from across the Tasman, to congratulate us on our anniversary. The SSAA thanks the NRA and the NZDA for joining in our 70th celebrations, as we continue to encourage our members to get a mate involved in our safe, fun and all-abilities sport.

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