Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party election statement

AMEP – Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party. Our diversity is our strength. A voice for all the enthusiasts…

We stand for your right to live the lifestyle of your choice.

We stand for a ‘fair go for all’ and minimal government interference.

We believe in personal responsibility and the people of Australia.

The crossover between the shooting community and the motoring community is our strength as we stand up against the government’s changing the rules to suit its own agendas. It is crucial our communities have friends in Parliament to offset the strong anti-gun, anti-motoring lobby groups and we need to stand united wherever possible.

As a Senatorial party, it is not necessary for us to have policy on all issues. Instead, our policy is to make balanced and informed decisions based on our party values.

If re-elected, AMEP Senator Ricky Muir will continue to be a voice for the firearm community as he has done several times since taking up his Senate seat. One of his most recent videos exposing the truth about the Adler is testament to our views.

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