Australian Conservatives statement

The Conservative Party is strongly supportive of legal sports shooting and hunting. We recognise that shooting is a recreation which attracts people of all ages, from all walks of life and for different reasons, from primary producers for professional reasons, hunters, firearms enthusiasts, sporting shooters and collectors.

Existing firearms laws strike a reasonable balance between allowing people to enjoy firearms safely and managing community expectations. The skill attached to being a good shooter is about discipline, focus, practice and more practice and the typical firearms enthusiast is extremely safety-conscious.

We recognise the general public often misunderstands and vilifies law-abiding firearms owners. From our perspective we have no problem with law-abiding citizens owning guns for pleasure, for hunting purposes or to control pests and manage livestock on their own land.

The sporting shooter is someone who cares about the safety and reputation of others involved in their sport and also for the wider community.

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