Al McGlashan teams up with Yamaha

Regular Australian Shooter and Australian Hunter contributor Al McGlashan has just been welcomed to the Yamaha Motor Australia family.


Famous for catching some of the biggest fish in the country, Al is a highly respected fishing journalist who has built an international reputation. His images both above and below the surface are world famous and have been published in hundreds of magazines and papers around the world. Al has authored several books, including Al McGlashan’s Hunting Australia, and his groundbreaking television show, Big Fish Small Boats, is filming a third season, which is due to air nationally on Channel ONE in the second half of 2014.

Al’s fishing exploits are legendary. He has received international notoriety for capturing record-sized tuna, the discovery of a giant squid and even swimming with massive mako sharks. “I live to fish and I fish hard, pushing my boat to limits in pursuit of big fish, so I demand a lot from my gear,” said Al. “I need the best outboard and that is why I am really excited about teaming up with Yamaha who are the market leaders. Being powered by Yamaha is a natural fit for me”.

Al lives by the mantra that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and that’s certainly true for Al who spends more than 200 days every year on the water. Al’s new boat, an Evolution 600 Extreme, will be set up for serious offshore fishing with all the latest technology electronics and most importantly it will be powered by a Yamaha F250D. The F250D is the biggest displacement engines in the 250-horsepower class, delivering huge torque and great performance. Amazingly, due to new technology and innovation, Yamaha’s F250D is also the lightest 250-horsepower four-stroke outboard on the market.

“These unique advantages are the reasons why serious boaters and fisherman like Al are turning to Yamaha’s class-leading range of four-stroke engines,” said Grant Binskin, national marketing manager for Yamaha Marine Products in Australia. “Yamaha is very excited to be associated with Al McGlashan. We really respect the passion and enthusiasm he brings to everything he does. Yamaha looks forward to powering Al’s adventures in 2014 and beyond.”


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