ACC’s Organised Crime in Australia 2013

The Australian Crime Commission’s Organised Crime in Australia 2013 report shows that governments around the world, including the Australian Government, have recognised for some time that organised crime has implications for national security. Australia’s National Security Strategy, released in January 2013, lists serious and organised crime as one of the seven key national security risks. Globalisation has been embraced and exploited by organised crime, which capitalises on the way in which it has greatly facilitated international communication, cross-border links, commerce and trade. The rapid development of technology and the increasing availability of that technology to users throughout the world have increased the dynamics, profile and reach of organised crime. The internet enables global virtual networking and social interaction between criminals, and has enabled the establishment of ‘virtual marketplaces’ for illegal and illicit goods such as drugs, firearms, identification documents and child exploitation material.

The report says that Australia’s response to the threat of organised crime is multifaceted and ever-evolving. As the picture of criminality in Australia continues to develop and transform, Australia’s response strategies will also adjust and develop to meet new challenges and opportunities in the fight against organised crime.

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